The Different Types of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks occur very often on highways and other hazardous roads across the country and these truck accidents happen in various capacities. It is hard to predict a collision, so it is important to know and be aware of your surroundings, especially where there are often large trucks on the roads.

Factors like the weather and the time of the day may increase the chances of being involved in a truck accident. Types of accidents involving trucks may vary depending on the driver, the driver’s ability to respond to a situation, and the trucking equipment.

Here are some of the most common types and causes of truck accidents.

Truck Rollovers – This may occur due to high speeds but can also happen when the truck is traveling at a slow speed. If the tires’ grip fails, the vehicle is likely to lose control and may slide sideways resulting in a rollover.

Air brake Failure – Failure of the air brakes means the truck cannot come to a stop especially when traveling downhill.  This can result in a catastrophic impact and damages.

Jackknife – This is due to instant braking causing the trailer to swing.

Under-ride – This occurs when the there is instant braking and the smaller car behind the truck moves underneath the truck.

Tire blowout – Controlling a truck after a tire blowout is difficult and often results to serious accidents.

Rear-End – Rear-end collisions increase the potential of the damage in an accident. This, however, depends on the weight of the load.

Head-On – This is when a truck collides with another vehicle moving in the opposite direction. These are among the most dangerous truck accidents and often lead to tragic consequences.

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