“I would definitely recommend Terry & Kelly’s firm for your litigation needs”

Monday, June 1, 2015

“Want to send out a sincere “Thank You” for an outstanding job in handling my case. It took a little over a year to resolve but Jim T. was extremely thorough in putting all of the phases together to close it out. I found out quickly how punctual Jim is as well as his dedication to getting all of the details and facts captured accurately & efficiently. If not, it would have resulted in a longer, costlier outcome. In closing, I would definitely recommend Terry & Kelly’s firm for your litigation needs. They are very professional, honest, enlightening, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and customer oriented. If you ever watch them at work, it is easy to see that they fight for the client & the client’s best interest & not just to make a quick buck for themselves. These values & attributes demonstrated their firm’s integrity and commitment to adhere to high standards of ethics & morals. If needed again, I will without doubt use them again. I pray that never happens to me or anyone else but you can not go wrong by talking to Jim and his partner. I am extremely happy with the overall handling of my case.”

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