Takata Airbag Injuries Prompt Massive Recall

In a massive recall affecting up to 34 million vehicles in the United States, notices have been mailed to consumers for purposes of replacing what are believed to be defective driver side and passenger side airbags.

The devices were manufactured by Takata, a Japanese supplier of airbags and seat belts. The airbags are alleged to have defective inflators that explode when the airbags are deployed. The explosions are said to be connected with six deaths and over 100 injuries. Over 40 million vehicles have been recalled globally for this purpose.

It’s believed that the Takata airbag housing can explode upon deployment, spraying vehicle interiors with metal shrapnel. One vehicle manufacturer connected the shrapnel with “over-aggressive combustion” from excessive pressure inside of the airbag inflators that can cause the inflator to “rupture.” There’s evidence that the shrapnel is propelled at such high speeds that it cuts through the airbag fabric. Injuries claimed from the exploding inflators are usually to the head and neck.

The Takata airbag recalls involve what’s known as product liability law. Terry & Kelly, PLLC represents injured Texans when they’re injured by defective products, including Takata airbags. If you or somebody close to you has been injured by what you believe is a defective airbag or any other defective product, contact the Austin personal injury attorneys at Terry & Kelly, PLLC today.

Takata Airbag Injuries Prompt Massive Recall


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