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Austin Mayor Steve Adler recently announced a new initiative called “Austin Don't Rush” to help combat traffic congestion and called for Monday, May 11th to be the first public holiday to kick off this initiative. With a decade-long boom in population growth, transportation in Austin is now at a tipping point due to the havoc the risi

Recently, a video of a dump truck driving through an Austin intersection and causing an accident involving 4 other vehicles has gone viral. The dash cam video shows the moment when a dump truck, carrying a load of gravel to a location on Jester Boulevard on RM 2222, runs an intersection striking several vehicles, runs off of the roadway,

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks are usually more complicated than other car accidents. Because truckers are often on the job when the accident happens, you may have a claim against both the driver and their employer, which is why it’s important to choose the right truck accident attorney for your case. Here are a few factors to

The term “Intermodal” refers to using two or more means of transporting large containers of freight. These shipping containers are filled at the beginning of their journey and are unpacked once they reach their final destination. These are the containers you see bolted to rail cars or truck trailers being transported across the countr

As road fatalities decrease across the country, they continue to increase here in Texas. Texas currently leads the nation in accidents involving large trucks due to the increase in gas drilling throughout the state. Large trucks and commercial vehicles have crowded our roadways and things could be getting worse. Thanks to proposed nationa

Accidents involving trucks occur very often on highways and other hazardous roads across the country and these truck accidents happen in various capacities. It is hard to predict a collision, so it is important to know and be aware of your surroundings, especially where there are often large trucks on the roads. (more…)

Summer is upon us and many families will soon pack their bags and head off for a fun and relaxing vacation over the coming weeks and months.  The Austin personal injury attorneys at Terry & Kelly, PLLC understand that media coverage can impact the way many people think when considering the safest form of travel for their family. The

In an era where there are so many semi trucks, tractor-trailers and big rigs plying the highways of Texas, accidents involving them are becoming quite common. Sometimes the accident is caused by the truck driver's active negligence while at other times it is due to lack of care by the trucking company (or passive negligence). Either way,

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