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With months of above average rainfall, it’s no surprise that overgrown shrubbery is taking over Austin’s sidewalks. In fact, the city of Austin states that addressing overgrown shrubs is necessary to clear up more than 40% of the city’s sidewalks - making them safer and more accessible to all. (more…)

With a valuation of over $25 billion Airbnb has quickly become a major force in the travel industry, changing the game by offering travelers a new way to connect and stay in cities around the world. Airbnb lists millions of properties for rent by ordinary people - ranging from lofts overlooking a city skyline to remote cabins in the mount

Waterparks are a great way to beat the Austin heat, but can also result in serious injuries. Slip-and-fall injuries can happen at waterparks, along with heat-related illnesses and drowning. If you are injured at a waterpark, do you know who should be held liable? If you are hurt, it is vital you understand your legal rights and contact

To prove fault in a slip and fall accident, the person injured in the accident (also known as the plaintiff if a lawsuit is filed) must prove that the property owner was negligent by a.) allowing a dangerous condition to exist on their property, b.) having actual or constructive knowledge of the condition and c.) doing nothing to warn p

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