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The capital city of Austin, Texas, has a population of nearly 900,000, which means that on any given day its roadways are filled with people who are driving as well as pedestrians who are walking to their destinations. In the past few years, attention has become increasingly focused on those who walk due to the boom of condominium constr

Austin, like many towns in Texas, is not necessarily always easy to get around by foot, at least safely. The problem, as journalist Richard Whittaker recently pointed out, is putting pedestrians at risk. Part of the reason for this state of affairs is that sidewalks used to be the responsibility of property owners, and there were no laws

Pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere, and they do, but there are certain places where they occur with greater frequency, like Texas. A recent report by the nonprofit National Complete streets Coalition found that the state of Texas ranked 10th on a list of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. According to the report, 4,200 pedest

In some cases, after an injurious or fatal auto accident, the collection of evidence has to go beyond a police investigation, particularly when the driver in a crash isn't cited or charged with a crime. Further investigation may be especially important after accidents in which victims are killed or left unable to communicate their side of

A pedestrian accident involving a car or truck can be deadly. Yet while the injuries are not nearly as catastrophic, pedestrians are increasingly getting into accidents caused by negligence -- their own or that of other pedestrians. Unfortunately, just as it is with driving, distraction is becoming a major threat to pedestrian safety.If p

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