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A recent city audit has revealed that the City of Austin has failed to use important crash information to improve public safety. Some of the most telling information out of the Transportation Effectiveness Audit includes: The city did not coordinate with city departments and external partners on a transportation system, including

We ordinarily think of distracted driving as cell phone use or texting at the wheel, but we're all guilty of distracted driving in one form or another. We might be using a GPS, eating something or changing the radio station. Those are all forms of distracted driving. Austin has its own laws addressing this dangerous behavior. Regardles

Friday, June 6, 2014

With roughly 3,000 Texas dying every year due to roadway accidents, law enforcement officials and safety experts are continually attempting to come up with new strategies and efforts to increase traffic safety. Last month, San Antonio hosted what is known as the Traffic Safety Conference, which involves a collaboration of experts in trans

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