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Thursday, March 2, 2017

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, we doubt the first thing on your mind was anything about the insurance or legal process. If you had any thoughts not instantly lost in the chaos of the scene and impact, they were almost certainly about the immediate future - we get it. But, eventually, time will pass and many will try to resol

If you were injured through the fault of somebody else in any kind of an accident in Texas, you'll want to pay particular attention to the applicable statute of limitations. A statute of limitations in a personal injury case operates as a deadline for filing your lawsuit. In accordance with the provisions of section 13.001 of the Texas Ci

If you were injured in an auto accident, and you believe it was the fault of the other driver, you might have a viable personal injury case. You'll probably want to consider the following factors, and then talk with qualified and respected auto accident lawyers as soon as possible. The police report The investigating officer's report wi

Injuries that are suffered in traffic accidents will not always reveal themselves immediately. A whiplash or some other physical strain may not at first show any symptoms. Even serious internal injuries, such a concussion, may not display any immediate indication of its existence. In addition to these medical issues, a statute of limitat

It is an unfortunate fact of life, but accidents happen. Every day, people behind the wheel find themselves in a collision with other drivers and sadly suffer injury to their bodies and their vehicles. However, the greatest loss in a fender bender tends to occur when one or both parties is uninsured. Drivers in the Austin, Texas area s

The Austin Police Department and local residents are becoming increasingly frustrated as the number of rock-throwing incidents in the downtown area continue to escalate without any information on who may be responsible or what is being done to keep drivers safe. There were a total of 13 separate incidents reported during the weekend of Ma

Beginning in late March 2016, an app called ParkX will allow drivers in downtown Austin, Texas to pay for parking meters electronically. This will remove the need to use cash or credit cards, as drivers will be able to pay using their smartphones instead. The benefits of this new program are apparent, as it will make downtown parking easi

Austin residents are well familiar with the Mopac construction project, but the recent reduction of northbound Mopac to only two lanes of travel has created a whole new set of problems for commuters throughout the city. Starting late last month, a single lane along Mopac at Enfield Road will be closed to allow crews to work on underpass a

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