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Those who have been injured in a semi-truck collision know that they can be especially serious and traumatizing. To add insult injury, you will find that the trucking company, its insurance carriers and their large legal teams will often do everything they can to minimize your injuries and the compensation you deserve. In essence, you will likely be victimized a second time by being treated like you did something wrong. We won’t let that happen.

At Terry & Kelly, PLLC, Jim Terry and Trent Kelly have the experience, inside knowledge of insurance company strategies and proven results necessary to level the playing field. Jim and Trent will take your case as far as necessary to obtain justice, and will never settle your case unless you choose to do so.

Detail-Oriented Representation In Complicated Eighteen-Wheeler Cases

18-wheeler collision cases are extremely complex and require careful examination of evidence not present in other types of wrecks.  This includes a truck’s electronic control module (black box), driver’s logbooks, trucking company schedules, maintenance records and any other evidence that may show the true cause of the collision. Analysis of these components may show that a truck collision was the result of:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Over-scheduling
  • Unsecured loads
  • Improperly balanced loads
  • Failing to signal before merging
  • Failure to check blind spots before changing lanes
  • Speeding
  • Improper truck maintenance

In these and all other tractor-trailer wreck cases, Jim and Trent will provide you with the dignity and compassion that you, the victim, deserve. We will fight tooth and nail against the trucking company and their insurance carrier to make sure that you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve, and we always provide you with honest, straightforward advice so that you can make the best decision possible about your case.

“I want to express my thanks to Attorney Mr. James Terry and staff for their representation, guidance and assistance settling my case. The insurance company was difficult, however Mr. Terry was able to get full policy limits available.” — Diana (client from Austin)

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