Employment matters frequently implicate not only the employment discrimination and retaliation laws discussed on our website, but also issues of character and reputation that can sometimes be addressed through the avenues of a defamation claim. Defamation is a general term to describe injury or damage to a person's name, reputation or character. Your reputation as an individual and an employee is key to your success, and false accusations spread about you, whether relating to your employment or other areas of your life, can exact a heavy toll.

There are two basic forms of defamation: libel and slander. Libel refers to defamation through a printed work or graphical depictions. Slander generally refers to defamation through the spoken word.

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The employment lawyers at Terry & Kelly, PLLC know how false statements about your character or your performance of your job can affect your life. If you have been the subject of defamatory remarks by your employer or others, Terry & Kelly, PLLC will work to restore your good name.

Depending on the type of defamation, there are various ways we can assist you in restoring your reputation and reversing any financial harm that has come to you because of the defamation. You may be entitled to retraction of the defamatory statement, issuance of a statement in support of you or monetary relief. If you have been unlawfully defamed, our attorneys will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are made whole for lost employment or other financial losses resulting from the defamation. If you believe you have been subjected to defamation, please contact us today to discuss scheduling a consultation.